Flooring and Tile

Flooring/tiles offer resistance to wear and tear due to human movement, of furniture, and everyday life. Some homes need new flooring over periods of time to provide a stable walking surface.

The Process of Installing Flooring:


When replacing the flooring in your home the first step would be to remove all the old tile or flooring. This can be a tedious process because it must come up without destroying the foundation of the area. After this, our flooring installers take out the floor and must clear the area of any debris and make sure the floor is completely clean. Then you prepare the subfloor, for tile, laminate wood flooring, hardwood and many other options. While preparing, you clear the floor of all loose nails. Then you must make sure the flooring is completely level, so there are not any dramatic dips, or drops in the finished product and so the flooring doesn’t move in the future. If some areas are not level repairing the floor is essential. Some ways to level your floor is self leveling, but sometimes the home may have to have other repairs to level the floor, the joists or subfloor could be compromised, or a certain area of the home may not have the proper support posts.


Understanding The Flooring You Want For Your home


Selecting the tile or hardwood flooring you want truly depends on you how you would like your kitchen or bathroom to look, and the durability you’re needing. I would recommend in a kitchen or bathroom to install tile flooring. Yes, they do make “waterproof” engineered flooring, but as with all wood, or any engineered product, they can begin to get damaged over time in those water prone areas. Tile is much more durable and will not warp from water over time.


 Other questions to consider might be,

What would you like your kitchen to look like when your family has dinner? Or when your friends come by what do you want them to see? What is most affordable for me? Do I need something that can sustain water? Do I want something that is rustic or luxurious? What colors am I hoping to use, do they have those color options I like?

We specialize in installing all flooring. whether your choice is tile, hardwood, engineered plank flooring, carpet, laminate and linoleum. Make sure to contact K&D Development for all your flooring options.




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