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How to remodel a Bathroom

Demolition phase:

When demoing your bathroom make sure all the water lines and electrical are turned off before working on any lights or pipelines or removing the sinks, toilet and any other areas you may risk for flood, or water damage. (I highly suggest hiring a professional to do any plumbing and electrical work!)

After, you are able to turn off the water (sinks, toilet, showers) you’re able to start removing any mirrors, pictures, shelves, sink, vanity, toilet and shower walls/bathtubs, flooring and any other material from the bathroom.

Be sure to tape cardboard along the edge and inside of the tub and a moving blanket on top of the tub, if you plan on keeping it to protect it from falling tiles. Then begin to remove the tile from the bathtub surround. Do not sledgehammer into the walls, you may hit pipes, instead you will remove the hardibacker after in phases.

To replace the tub: if needed is generally because of cracks and to have your bath rust free, or just to upgrade the bathtub you currently have.

To make a shower pan instead of the tub: You can either purchase a plastic shower pan (sizes vary) or you can have a custom shower pan and curb installed. The shower pan can have a centered drain, left or right hand drain as well. You must build the frame, and curb, and slope the concrete to ensure the water will flow to the drain, then finish with a rubber liner.


Check the subfloor for any water damage and make sure that there are not any nails/ staples sticking out from the floor. Remove all trash and construction debris. The bathroom should be pretty much empty and now the blank canvas is now ready.

The transformation

If necessary install the tub first and ensure there will be no leaks through the drywall. Next, install all hardibacker along the shower walls and seal them with Red Guard. Then you begin tiling the shower/ bath area, finishing the edges with schulder. Then we grout all tiles, and seal with silicone caulk. After the tile is completely finished then you are able to paint the walls, I recommend satin for the bathroom. After painting the walls you are able to install your flooring. Followed by installing your vanity, sink, faucets, and toilet is next and ensuring that there will be no leaks throughout is important. Install the finish floor trim, door casing, mirror, wall hardware and lighting.

Decorate to your own style- Now you are able to turn on your water and electricity again and enjoy your elegant new bathroom.

Please keep in mind this is a blog for attention and the details per bathroom change, we may install soap nooks in your shower walls, and custom shower doors, install a new exhaust fan where there never was one and many other remodel options. Our team has completed dozens of bathroom remodels across Colorado. We are trusted, have a high quality of work and communication, and complete all projects in a timely manner with pristine results.

Considering a bathroom remodel in your home and wondering what a new bathroom cost will be? and is it necessary to spend a fortune to get the personalized bathroom makeover that you want?

What does the average bathroom remodel cost?

The average bathroom remodel cost is about $12,000-$15,000.00 on the low end, but the average middle class homeowner prices range from $3,000-$22,000.00 from the lowest end to the highest end bathrooms. It just varies on what is needed or wanted, how expensive of finishes you want or if you want builder grade. This being said renovating your bathroom helps increase the value of the home up to 60% if you ever decide to sell your house.

Things to consider when remodeling your bathroom:

Updating the bathroom tiles on the floors and bathroom walls. If you have broken tiles or just want to switch up the style it’s time for them to be replaced. Change your countertops, Quartz countertops are a popular style that also catches peoples eyes. Changing out your vanity, top, sink and mirror for one of those kit vanities (they're worth it!). Painting anything in your home is probably the most cost effective way to make the biggest difference in your home. Paint alone can change the entire room. And updating your fixtures like the light fixtures, sink faucets, shower faucets, and towel racks all play a part in having a complete, updated bathroom.

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