Projects that help increase home value.

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Projects that help increase home value.

Many homeowners wonder, “what are the best projects to increase your home value over time with the best overall ROI (return on investment)”. Here are the top 4 home improvements you can do with the best ROI.

1. According to HGTV, the average return at resale for a minor bathroom remodel is 102%-

Meaning if you were to resell your home you would get a full return on your money for that investment.

2. Landscaping is a great way to keep the exterior surroundings of the home looking beautiful. Keeping the exterior of your home looking as good as it does inside is just as important or resale value. Wondering if it’s worth it to invest into this project? Well, the average return on investment for a landscaping project is about 100%- meaning to get a full return on your investment, so I would say it’s definitely worth it to do this project.

3. The kitchen (my personal favorite) is one of the most used rooms of your home, it has become the center of attention in every house remodel and everyone sees this part of your house the most! Of course, this is not as high for return on investment, 98.5%, I personally think it’s because of the fact everyone wants to remodel their own kitchen, it’s something that you can be picky with, design, and enjoy when you remodel it for your own use, so I suggest do this when you buy the house, not when your selling, so you can enjoy this luxury you are creating! It’s a great investment for your home.

4. Need an extra bedroom but don’t want to add another wall or addition on your home? Consider converting your attic into a bedroom. The median home value is still increasing in Colorado. The average return at resell rate is 93.5% for converting your attic into a bed room it’s a investment you want to keep in mind

The median home value is still increasing in Colorado. And even if you’re not considering selling, and just want to live in your beautifully remodeled home- it’s worth it! I know the idea of spending quite a bit of your savings is scary, but investing in your investment is probably one of the smartest things you'll ever do. The more care you give to your home while you live in it, the more it will be worth when you’re ready to leave it.

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